Mertcan Darkom Real Estate Investment in Turkey

Privacy policy

Based on its concern for its customers' data and the privacy of their information on the Internet, Mertcan Darkom Real Estate Investment in Turkey has developed a set of items in which it clarifies its policy to preserve the privacy of its customers, and how to deal with their personal data.

We welcome our valued customers to the
Mertcan Darkom Real Estate Investment Company website, and we would like to inform you that your browsing this site includes your implicit agreement to the terms of use of the Mertcan Darkom website and our privacy policy

All the data that Mertcan Darkom collects from its clients is collected voluntarily and this data is collected for specific, explicit and clear purposes such as communicating with customers and responding to their inquiries, and helping them secure the right property for them by the Mertcan Darkom team, and it can also be used within the Mertcan Darkom team for purposes Company's research, which is seen only by the Mertcan Darkom team


Mertcan Darkcom Real Estate Investment Company in Turkey undertakes not to sell or publicize the personal data of its customers or share these data with any third party except with the official authorities and in the event of judicial orders to do so.


No personal data is kept except for the aforementioned purposes, and any data will be disposed of in the event that it is not needed or the goal behind retaining it hasendedor if the customer himself requests wiping his personal data


Mertcan Darkom does everything necessary to maintain the security of customers' personal data and prevent its leakage to any third party

In the event that there are external links to other sites on the Merdjan Darkom site, all information that is exchanged with other sites is outside the scope of our responsibility. We ask our valued customers to read the privacy terms of those sites.

For more information about the privacy policy of Mertcan Darkom Real Estate Investment Company website, we welcome your contact with us